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Yo wassup everyone. I havent forgotten about yall here. actually quite the opposite. I have continued my little booty worshipping here. There you will find all the updates i have here on blogspot plus others I've come across up to the recent days. So if you wanna see what's been happening with ass lately come check out some more bootymeat!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mia Bliss Shows Off Her Juicy Bubble Butt

This next chick is packing some back. She ain't the biggest chick but she's one of the phattest. That bubble butt is just sticking out waiting to be the object of your desires. Mia Bliss is the kinda chick that any man would love to have in his line up. She's cute, sexy as fuck, and has a killer body on her.  Having those monster curves all up in your face can make for a very blissful evening:


And Mia wouldn't have it any other way. I mean why else would she come to  the door wearing a little blue shirt that showed off her tits and showing off that bubble butt of hers wearing nothing but a thong. I know if that was me I would have fucked her right there on the floor by the door. I would have taken her right there just to find out the secret of her bliss. The body alone is enough to get me off. But have you seen her work that booty? Damn this chick can work a cock. She took that dick to the head and made that booty clap up and down this dude's hard, eager cock. Peep out Mia's bubble butt in motion at monstercurves!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Briella and Abella Suck and Fuck the Fellas

A juicy ass sure can make a day. You could walking around worried about bills, school, jobs and some other shit all day long stressing bout how you gonna get by. Then all of a sudden a phat ass crosses your face and you forget all about your problems. So if one ass can do that, think of what two can do. Well think no longer because we got two for ya right here. Briella Bounce and Abella Anderson are packing some serious juicy assparades behind them...

These asses are fully loaded and ready to go.These bitches couldn't even wear shorts without their ass cheeks hanging out. So just imagine what those rumps looked like when they were down to their thongs and then totally naked. And better yet, imagine how those shits looked as they were getting fucked senseless. If you're like me you get tired of imagining, but at assparade.com those asses come to life!

Kelly and Sienna Ass Dipping

My oh my, Kelly Divine and Sienna West are at it again. You've seen some of the photos of their little playtime together. Now you get to check out the rolling footage of their carpet munching adventure. These two chicks are obviously hot for one another and can't wait to show you just how much...


Look at these two fine bitches go at it. They lick a little bit, enjoying the tastes and juices the other has to offer up. Then they shove a dildo up each other. Yeah it sucks there's no dick involved. But they didn't let that stop them from getting each other off. Trust me, they'll get you off too at kellydivine.com where you can see all the action!

Sophie Dee's Backdoor Wide Open

Speaking of broads who love some dick this chick is no exception either. This British babe has come over here and taken all types of American dicks and pussies from all angles imaginable. This time around she's in a dick riding mood. But with any body that's looking to ride Sophie Dee's train you have to be warned that bigbuttslikeitbig so if you don't measure don't bother wasting her time...

Well folks her time was not wasted. Her partner loved the hell out that ass. It was like a dream come true to him. But to make the dream come true you gotta dip your dick on in there and get a feel. It wasn't a dream but it felt like one. To be hitting an ass like that any way you want is a dream come true. Sophie Dee and other fine asses are waiting to make your night pleasureful at bigbuttslikeitbig.com!

Ava Devine Getting Took from Behind

I know you guys love a good pro. Ya know, a woman who doesn't fuck around with the dick. She sees it, gets excited and knows exactly what to do with it. If there's any chick out there that loves them some dick, it has to be Ava Devine. She loves to a hard dick to come along and rip that backside bonanza to shreds...

You know what they say - ask and you shall receive. She got that pussy and ass taken every way she likes. Whether they were licked and fucked senseless dude ran up in there and put it down on her. By looking at Ava's face you can tell she's more than satisfied with the results. Catch Ava's ride at backsidebonanza.com!

Megan Vaughn's Young Brown Beauty Workin It

For a lot of men, women are the opposite of wine. Wine's usually get finer with age and wine lovers will let them age to get the maximum flavor. Women are usually better as they are younger is how a lot of people see it. They don't have the wrinkles or stretch marks and they look their best too. Take a look at 19 year old brownbunny Megan Vaughn...

As you can see she's a fine young piece of meat. She has an amazing ass and a big, soft pair of tits to match. When men look at younger women that's what they imagine - a fine piece of ass like Megan's coming thru and ready to hop on the dick. She may be a young thang but she knows what to do with the tube steak. To see Megan and other fine ebony women get down check them out at brownbunnies.com!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Isis and Kiara's Crunch and Munch

While I love seeing two chicks get down and dirty, sometimes it makes me a bit on the jealous side. It's like man, why you two have to get at it by yourselves without me? I could've brought the meat over and we could have a great time. Seeing Isis and Kiara go at it makes it even harder because these latina bitches are fine as shit...


Boy boy boy these chicks are mighty fine indeed. I just wish I could be in there fucking one of them. Especially while they 69ing each other - I could have been fucking one and the other licking my balls. These are the kinda dirty little thoughts I have when I see these two go at it. I wonder what you could think of after checking out Isis and Kiara at isistaylorxxx.com?!

Sienna Digging Kelly's Ass

Two chicks ready and willing to explore each other's body is lovely. You don't gotta get 'em drunk, you don't have to do a whole lot of convincing.. All you gotta do is hey, we got a chick coming over to play with you. And she just responds, I hope she's cute. So you could just imagine Kelly Divine's delight when Sienna West comes in...

Kelly just knows she can be as naughty as she wants because Sienna is that type of chick that likes it like Kelly does. They both eat pussy and they both don't mind a little ass action so anything's fair game. These are two bad ass brunettes that are just looking for a good time with each other? Are you looking to have a good time with them too? Then you can find them at kellydivine.com!

Fucking Lovely Behind

I'm just amazed about how everytime I walk outside and i check out the ladies and I see all these lovely behinds out there. Not every chick has a phat ass but the one's that do that ass is right. The minute you see it you start thinking about what you wanna do to it. And this ass will leave you in a haze, that is Lovely Haze. This broad has the kinda round and brown booty you just wanna smack up all day...

A chick with a phat ass and ready for a romp.. That's my kinda chick. I thought whte dudes weren't supposed to dig phat asses? Couldn't tell it by this. His eyes just lit up when he saw the ass he was gonna be handling for this. I really can't blame him. he had his way with this ass and Lovely had no problem letting him take the lead. Lovely's ass is still probably jiggling right now at roundandbrown.com!

Nikki Sexxing Up the Joint

Ahhh a name that matches the chick.With Nikki Sexx, you know what you're getting. Not just because of the name but if you've been following her then you know the deal. She loves sex anyway she can get it. She just loves for a guy to bring his hard throbbing cock to the room and fuck her big ol' ass masterpiece hard and fast...

And that's what this guy did. He had her on her back, on her stomach on her side, hell I think even had her in a choke hold. Did that stop Nikki from trying to fuck him right back? Yeah right, the exact opposite actually. He was working that ass good and got her even more turned on. She was even loving the backdoor action as he stretched her tiny little ass hole wide open. To see how Nikki's ass got worked over good and hard just head to assmasterpiece.com!

Fucking Shyla Stylez' Big Wet Butt

I know a lot of fellas, especially back in the day, were loving themselves some Pamela Anderson. That long flowing blonde hair and those tits just had people going crazy. Shyla Stylez remind me a lot of Pam, except Shyla has moreass than her. She brings that bigwetbutt into the room and is ready to throw that tanned ass on a hard dick and ride it on home...

Shyla can definitely get a playa's heart racing. She knows her way around and on top of a dick. She takes it in the mouth, the pussy and the ass. So whatever you're into, there's a good chance Shyla's into as well. Dude had this ass swinging - swinging that ass while he was fucking the shit out of her and in the swing he was using. She can you you swinging at bigwetbutts.com after you check out the rest of her wild ride!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isis and Nikki Getting Icky

Uh huh, I had a feeling Isis was up to something. She was just teasing us all this time but that's ok I don't mind. She has giving us sneak peaks of what she had in store for us with Nikki Sexx. Now it's out in the open for all of us to enjoy. They've come together to get it on for all us horny ass loving guys...

And boy do they get it on. These chicks look good as shit on camera together. Wait a second, is that Isis's boyfriend who's the lucky guy that gets to be a part of this? Damn I know he must be enjoying this shit. Got one of the baddest chicks in the porn game plus can dig into some of her friends too. Must be nice I tell ya. He got it made for sure. We can't have it made like him, but we can still fantasize by going to isistaylorxxx.com to getting our fix!